Doreen Larkman (Badersfield) :
Hello, The power of this program is awesome, I only sponsored two under me yet I've cycled, so in clearing level one I have made my money back, anything from now on is pure profit, and this is all within the first two hours of the program opening, can't wait to see the full power of this program unleashed, Doreen Larkman

Steve L (Provo) :
I'm so excited I can hardly stand it!! About 7 hours into launch day, I cycled 2 times and am getting close already to level 3...WOW!! It's been over 15 years since a Biz has taken off this well and fast for me. I already have some of my members already cycling too. In all of my 28 years of networking I have honestly never seen a better comp plan. This is designed for all the average people out there who have never made money online. This is Worldwide and we have such a wonderful gift to help millions today who are suffering financially with our unique and one of a kind Team build and follow me system, now everyone is on a level playing field. Our products are also first class. And my favorite thing about this Biz is our Leaders and Founders. Mike, Roberta,Norma,Kathy and Claudia are simply the finest group of leaders and people I have ever had the privilege to work with. Whatever you do? Do miss this ONE!! And if you are able? Please pif for those who you care about. What gift right now could be greater than extra money each Month?? We are shooting strait to the moon, and PMP will be the #1 opp of 2013 and beyond...So come have a blast and help change many people's lives for the better with us....

Arthur Goodall () :
PMP is truly a Godsend! Although there is no recruiting requirement, there is no reason not to tell everybody you know about this amazing program. I have cycled twice in 24 hours which is usually unheard of. Thanks PMP for putting together such a wonderful program where everybody has a chance to be successful.
NetworKing Arthur

Steve Hoffman (Orlando) :
WOW, I just started 5 hours ago and I sponsored 21 people. I cycled once in level one and will cycle again in second level 1 matrix. This is going to be a lot of fun.

Linda Martin (Colorado Springs) :
Wow, This has been an awesome week! Here it is Friday, I have cycled the #1 matrix twice, I have cycled the #2 matix once, and am now in matrix #1, #2, and #3. I actually made money this week!! All I can say, is sign up and bring in 2 people, and help them bring in 2each and you will cycle, don't sit on this! And once you have started to build a downline...HELP THEM!! No need to go out and get 20 people for yourself, spread the wealth!!

Richard Spartveit (Bergen) :
Hi my name is Richard, I cycled in 48 hrs, paid $25.00 one time, got $25.00 back, plus a re-entry in the level I just came out of worth another $25.00, Plus an upgrade into the next level worth $50.00 We are working with a company forced matrix that means you never have to bring in anyone, you can cycle just as fast as if you brought in people yourself.

Sonia Walsh (Kissimmee) :
I love this program. I've never been involved with any matrix that has moved as fast as this. The compensation plan is the best I've seen. Everyone should join today!

Terence Parker (Caboolture) :
Hi Terence Parker here! I joined ProMatrixPlus just a couple of days ago and have cycled twice already. I love this program because I can earn money quickly and develop at my own pace. I HAVE ALREADY BEEN PAID!!! I can see a clear path ahead to financial freedom and would not hesitate in recommending PMP to family, friends or strangers alike!

mike mikovich (shreveport) :
Very Cool I cycled once already and looking to cycle many times over! Pro Matrix Plus Rocks!

Jack iskandar (PARIT) :
faster income.. 3 hour

James Carroll (Blacktown) :
WOW after cycling within the week, I'm inspired to recommend ProMatrix Plus to Anybody * It's the REAL DEAL * It's easy to INVITE * It PAYS instantly and I love the Ad Products! I used Social Media to invite 291 FB contacts to my PMP Group - WOW!
James Carroll (Sydney, Au)

Fola Wilson (Orlando) :
I am so happy about promatrixplus. I am speaking from my heart. The first day I joined I cycled without referring anybody. I have been in several MLM programs I have never cycled without referring a single soul or filled my matrix up by myself. I always hear from other programs just come on in you don't have to sponsor and that I was going to have a spillover; I never had a single spillover in all of them until now with promatrixplus. This is amazing. I have never seen anything like this. Is like I am dreaming. I have cycled several times. After my first cycled I told some friends to come in and they didn't at first because we all had gone thru that before but they did and I pay if forward for some of them with my commission and they all have spillover; in fact one of them have cycled out too with no referral..For just one time $25.00 out of pocket you cannot beat this. We waste more than that on foolishness. I am very grateful to the owners. Roberta who is one of the owners is amazing. I have spoken to her personally and they all treat you like their equals. In other programs there is no chance of speaking to the owners. Norma Santos is a great lady for coming up also with this twist of a program. I had been with Norma Santos in another program; she is a classy lady and a great leader that cares a lot for people. Mike and Bob you are wonderful as well. I am glad to be with friends and finally to be home here. If you are thinking about joining please don't walk, run and signup asap. I also give thanks to my sponsor Linda Martin who introduced me to the great program.

Razi DGreat AsiaNetwork (Seremban) :
Awesome Program, Just 2 hours, I get back USD 25 and now moving to Phase II.. Thank a lot to ProMatrix Plus

Warwick Edgar () :
GUESS WHAT FOLKS................Yes I have cycled! No big deal huh? Well read on. Now don’t listen to anyone who may say SPILLOVER doesn’t work. I had not personally, been able to get anyone to sign up. So I thought let’s see if SPILLOVER is for real. Well I cycled my first Level 1 Matrix without any help from me - yes, all happened due to SPILLOVER, in only 3 weeks. Now I have Paid It Forward for a friend to come in and let’s see if we can get this machine rolling as I have SPILLOVER PROOF. Get in folks – now! $25 once only, get it back after first “cycle”. Protect YOUR FUTURE now, don’t wait for someone else to do it for you as it may not happen!

susan merenda (Melrose) :
hi everyone!
I joined this program wondering what spillover was! I have cycled level one, level two and now I am on level 3 in less than a month. I have spillover on my boards from my downline. I brought in two people and paid it forward for one person. The person I brought in went to town and sponsored 14 people!! I am very happy to be in this fabulous program. I also do some advertising. There are many ways to make this work! it does work! First time ever having this kind of success on the internet! Sue Merenda

mareesa sam (jalan) :
The best program in the market for me. Come and join. You won't regret.
Best Regards
Azizah From Melaka, Malaysia

Aquil Muhammad (CINCINNATI) :
ProMatrix Plus is great. I have cycled to the 3rd level already and have 2-level 2 matrices and 3 level1 going at the same time. I have already earned over $200 and I love the spillover I am receiving in this program. ProMatrix Plus is the best program out there, NO SPONSORING REQUIRED.

mike mikovich (shreveport) :

Just cycled off of level 2 and About to cycle off of level 1 :) As guys on duck dynasty I am heppy and so is my baby girl Brownie :) and that's a fact jack. I love Pro Matrix Plus

Chris DePorter (Northport) :
Wow! A program that is working. Folks I was excited to login and see 3 spillover in my matrix. I got motivated and enrolled 2 directs today. 1 paid and I PIFfed one. Is that a word? The last spot filled just a few minutes ago and I cycled. Thanks admin. for providing a platform I can finally share with confidence.
Chris DePorter

Andrea Sanders (Tacoma, WA) :
WOW!! This is an amazing program in all my years of doing business online this one is blowing my mind!!not only did i cycle the matrix my referrals and I built but I woke up to a completely filled 2nd matrix, my re-entry matrix was filled from spillover from the company and others way above my matrix this is awesome!! I have never ever received any spillover from any of the programs I was in, I am not even close to the top and this happened I love Promatrixplus a must for anyone wanting to better their financial future, thank you-Andrea S

Steve Hoffman (Orlando) :
WOW...I just cycled for the 12 time and my friend Kris cycled with 100% spillover. He's a believer now. This is the easiest opportunity I have ever done in 35 years of network marketing. The ownership is amazing. They are here to help you through webinars, Skype chat room, support desk and more. This is like one big family. In many opportunities the teams get jealous of each other and it becomes a competition. Not so with PMP. We help each other like and extended family. What are you waiting for? It's time for you to join our family. We want to see you, your friends and your family become a success.

scott sofa (waipahu) :
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Aloha, Guys I joined on 5/1/13 cycled on 5/1/13. Requested my first $25.00 on 5/2/13 at 9 am payed on 5/2/13 11:45 am. Amazing program! Super Fast!!!!

juan carlos collado jativa (mislata) :
hola aqui os envio un video en espaƱol de el grupo hipano de promatrix plus espero os guste y os sea util tambien para todos los hispanos parlantes un saludo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b0OB69Eiaic un saludo de juan carlos collado usuario (jcollado)